Spiritualized Debut New Songs, Hints at Massive 2013 Tour

I can’t write enough about Spiritualized. For real, there is no one who makes music similar to Jason Pierce. Sure, he borrows from a lot of other bands, but when he blends it all up with all the other drugs he used to do, the music is unique. This is how it’s done. Anyways, I could go on and on about Spaceman, but you can glance back at other posts to see why I think he’s awesome. I’m here to add to his already impressive resume. The new Spiritualized album isn’t even a year old yet, but Spaceman has been debuting new songs on the recent tour in support of it.

The tentative titles for these are “Perfect Miracle” and “‘A’ Song.” The former sounds like a rehash of the band’s signature tune “Ladies and Gentlemen, We’re Floating in Space”, but that’s by no means a bad thing. The latter is more of an extended jam loaded with sick guitar melodies.  No word on when a new album is due, but seeing as how the band is notorious for taking their time (there was 4 years between Songs in A+E and Sweet Heart Sweet LightI wouldn’t bank on it just yet. Still, it is exciting.

Perfect Miracle – Spiritualized

‘A’ Song – Spiritualized

These songs also segue quite nicely into the next bit of news. Apparently, Jason Pierce is about to announce a massive US tour. According to an interview conducted in November, Pierce wants to do a huge tour of all 50 states starting in the spring. He said that it will start in late February, but since we haven’t gotten an announcement yet, my bet would be that it has been moved to early Spring or even the summer. Don’t matter. I drove to Atlanta to see them for my birthday and if they play in my neighborhood, I have an obligation to go. Yeah, they are that good live. No drugs are needed to get a decent high when they play, it’ll come naturally.

So yeah, Spiritualized will continue to do cool shit into 2013. Get ready, kids.

Come Together – Spiritualized

Shine A Light – Spiritualized

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