Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Make Music Video for “We No Who U R”

We’re about a week into 2013, which means that we’re also just a few more weeks away from a brand new Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds album. Trust me, that’s your cue to be stoked. I’ve got even more reason to be stoked though, as me and Chris Deline (former Culture Bully, check out what he’s been up to nowadays over HERE) have scored tickets to their show in March! Fuck yeah! Can’t wait to positively heckle Warren from the balcony (“YEAH, WARREN! VIOLIN SOLOS AND BEARDS FUCKING RULE”). Cave and co. released their latest single about a month ago, the delicate, yet threatening “We No Who U R.” Also, while we’re on this topic, will people please stop making the Ke$ha reference every time this title is brought up? I’m looking at you, SPIN magazine. No wonder you guys had to stop printing issues. Anyways, all bad blood references aside, a video for the song has recently surfaced.

We No Who U R – Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

It was directed by Gaspar Noe and has been described by Nick Cave “as beautiful, haunting and thoughtful.”I kind of just see it as a scenic video, but hey, it beats the shit out of Noe’s movie “Into the Void.” The song is available on iTunes and all of that jazz. If you happen to want to be nice enough to not make me have to pay for an MP3, hit me up.

I’ll leave you with the usual few below. Make sure you check out the “Stagger Lee” live video with a cameo from the one and only Polly Jean Harvey at the end. Cave goes practically mental during his performances and I can’t wait to see the Bad Seeds play these two numbers (though I’ve gotta really have my fingers crossed for the last one) in the Spring.

Stagger Live (Live in the White Room) – Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

Babe, I’m On Fire – Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

3 Responses to “Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Make Music Video for “We No Who U R””
  1. Chris DeLine says:

    (Hey, that’s me!!!)

    I’ve overcome the initial underwhelming feeling of the single… I guess I was expecting some in your face-ness, but the more I listen to the song the more I like it. Music video is nice, too.

    Sidebar: re: your tumblr post the other day about the Desert Sessions – thanks for the reminder on that. I queued up the jams after that, but only started chewing on them today… Really hit the spot this morning.

    • Jordan Canio says:

      I know what you mean regarding the single cause I was expecting something along the lines of Nick Cave’s demented preacher on cocaine type attitude as well. Especially considering that Grinderman has barely had a chance to get cold in the ground yet (may it RIP). I did grow to like it though, as even though it has a really soft melody, Cave’s words make it sinister and it seems like he’s sharping his razor blade while singing along.
      As for the Desert Sessions, no prob. There’s so many of those fuckers that it’s just fun to throw one on randomly and listen. Personal favorite is the last one though cause Miss Polly Jean is on it. Until Homme and Harvey make an actual album, that one will do.

      • Chris says:

        I just introduced my little sister to her – and revisited her last album the other day. Still probably my favorite record of that 2011. Got to see her briefly when she was touring with John Parish. Found myself in a blackout that day though, so I don’t really “remember” seeing much of the show. Guess that one goes in the “mistakes made” side of the ledger.

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