Iggy Pop Documentary Circa 2004

Picture 7There are a couple of interviews/documentaries on the Stooges already out there on the interweb. Some of them are sixteen part bootlegs that are available on YouTube and others are too short to be considered real documentaries. However, I did find a pretty decent one the other day that was released in 2004, right around the time of the first Stooges reunion.

Is it the best Iggy Pop documentary of all time? Probably not, but it does cover a lot of the essentials, such as the formation of the Stooges and the whole Berlin trilogy stuff with David Bowie. Some highlights from this documentary are:

– A promoter’s wife suffers a miscarriage during a performance of the Stooges and blames Iggy for the loss of the child.

– “People with big enthusiasms are set up to be fucked up” – Iggy Pop

– “I thought let’s take that (newspaper headline) and use it in another way……because I thought about myself and thought “aren’t I basically a person who is destructive in personal relationships for the greater good of my artistic endeavor? YEAH!” -Pop’s description of the song “Search and Destroy”

Some other gems are in this fucker, but you’ll just have to see for yourself. This should hold you over until Jim Jarmusch finishes his documentary on the Stooges. If you need more to hold you over, go ahead and buy every Stooges album you can get (except the Weirdness, which isn’t weird, it’s just shitty) and check out some of this old footage. It’s mentioned in the footage above, but I’m including it anyways, because it shows Iggy going crazy during two of my favorite songs.

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