The Grey Album Gets Remastered

I feel like this one is kinda common knowledge, but for those who don’t know, this album is what put Danger Mouse on the map back in 2004. If you couldn’t tell by the album cover, Danger Mouse had this crazy idea of putting together the acappella version of Jay-Z’s last GOOD album the Black Album with the Beatles The White Album. Hence the name, The Grey Album. Mixing rock and rap can have varied results, which we’ve unfortunately seen with Limp Bizkit or Jigga’s own “remix” project with Linkin Park (if you haven’t heard that last one, don’t torture yourself. It might take a few years off your life). But seeing how skilled Danger Mouse is at what he does, he approached the project with his expertise in experimentation and the ending result is a tasteful one. Hell, just listen to his mashup of “99 Problems” with “Helter Skelter.”

The way he makes the bass stand out on that track is fucking phenomenal and he makes it seem like everything else just falls into place naturally. Now the album has been remastered by studio engineer John Stewart and is available for free download. You can listen to the full thing below or get the thing broken up into tracks from the link right HERE. Check it out.

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