Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Announce Tour, Stopping In Nashville!

I was gonna try to save money this semester, but seeing how many awesome shows keep popping up in Nashville for this year, I think I’ll be broke as a joke come graduation time after all. Oh well, at least it’ll be a better ride. To add to the already impressive roaster of bands coming through Nashville this first half of the year is another band I’ve pimped the shit out of on this blog: the mighty Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. That’s right. After three years of not playing a show here, they just announced that they will be playing the awkward but cool Cannery Ballroom on May 1st. Fuck the Black Keys/Flaming Lips show a few days later, this WILL smoke that.

The band also recently announced the title of their new album, Specter At The Feast and announced a US release date of March 19th. They even leaked the track listing and the bookish looking album cover. I can dig and judging by the shitty YouTube quality leaks of new songs live, they sound pretty bad ass. Tracklisting is below. If you haven’t been keeping up to date with the rest of the video diaries the band keeps posting, I’ll make it easier for ya below. Also, since I’ve been blaring this track a lot recently, here’s  the shit kicking “Six Barrel Shotgun.” Should hold you over until we start hearing some finished tunes. Enjoy and get psyched kids.


1. Fire Walker
2. Let The Day Begin
3. Returning
4. Lullaby
5. Hate The Taste
6. Rival
7. Teenage Disease
8. Some Kind of Ghost
9. Sometimes The Light
10. Funny Games
11. Sell It
12. Lose Yourself

Video Diary 2

Video Diary 3

Six Barrel Shotgun – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

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