Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Take On “Jubilee Street”

Goddamn, it feels good to have an overhaul of good music coming this way. We’re barely even halfway through January but the good tunes and news keep on coming. To add to these tunes is another one from Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. With their album hitting the stores in a little over a month (and the internet sooner hopefully), songs are starting to snowball and be released. They just let this one out of the cage, the slow-burning “Jubilee Street.”

Jubilee Street – Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

It’s good to see that 50-plus years of existence hasn’t deterred Nick Cave’s fascination or ability to write about whores. The song is loaded with Cave’s trademarked dark lyrics, such as “I’ve got a fetus on a leash.” Shit, homeboy is serious. While most people might have sought out therapy for having such imagery in their heads, I’m glad people like Cave have decided to put that imagery in their songs to fuck us all up. It’s awesome. The song also shows how great Warren Ellis is in the band. His violin parts help pick up the song when it starts feeling too light.

Anyways, the album Push the Sky Away is set for release on February 19th. Seeing as how there hasn’t been a bad song from it yet, I’d think it’s safe to assume that the rest of the album will be boss. I’ll leave you with another song of Cave’s that I’ve been listening to for a bit called “Burnin’ Hell.” It’s not as delicate as the “Jubilee,” but it is loaded with some of the same badass imagery. Check it.

Burnin’ Hell – Nick Cave

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