Elliott Smith & Jon Brion Cover John Lennon, the Kinks and Big Star On Old TV Show

Picture 9This year will mark the ten year anniversary death of the late great Elliott Smith. Most of us lost a great singer-songwriter before we even realized we had him. However, his talents shine from beyond the grave as he still manages to be productive and prolific as hell. Seriously, while we can’t fill the void his departure left, we have seen the release of great b-sides and performances since his death. To add to this collection is a pilot for an old TV show that Paul Thomas Anderson proposed to VH1. Titled the Jon Brion Show, the show was going to be a variety hour for indie bands pretty much. The show never got picked up (I guess they decided that people would rather watch a Big Brother rip off with washed up celebrities instead….gotta catch up to MTV somehow), but we’re lucky enough to live in an age where EVERYTHING hits the internet. So now, we get to see Elliott Smith cover John Lennon’s “Jealous Guy,” The Kinks’ “Waterloo Sunset” and Big Star’s “Nightime” with Jon Brion helping out. Aside from the latter years, Smith’s performances were always on point and its evident with this performance. I’ve had it on replay for the past two hours. I can’t help but imagine how cool this show could have been if it had continued. Either way, it further turns the statement that “nothing Elliott Smith ever did was bad” into a fact. Check it out.


Son of Sam (Elliott Smith) @ 2:56

Independence Day (Elliott Smith) @ 6:57

Bottle Up and Explode (Elliott Smith) @ 10:22

Everything Means Nothing to Me (Elliott Smith) @ 14:04

Waterloo Sunset (The Kinks, Ray Davies) @ 18:22

Jealous Guy (John Lennon) @ 22:30

Trouble (John Brion) @ 27:35

Nightime (Big Star, Alex Chilton) @ 32:10

Happiness (Elliott Smith) @ 35:22

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