The Black Lips Play Iraq

Picture 10I told you guys about that documentary in the works “You Know, For the Kids” that follows the Black Lips as they embark on a tour through the Middle East. It is notable considering that tensions were high (well, higher than usual) over there around the time they undertook the tour. However, it appears they had the balls to say fuck it, shit their pants and dive right in. More power to them. Since that documentary has no official date for release just yet (its part of a kickstarter project and God knows how long it takes those things to get off the ground), you’ll have to get stoked in the meantime on this documentary they made with the people over at Noisey. It’s interesting, but I’m more captivated by what the drummer says during the radio interview to be honest. The performances sound pretty bad too, but that’s probably because of the sound mix. I don’t know, but to reiterate, props to them for having the balls to hit up a region that most people won’t go to unless they’re enlisted. See for yourself below.

On a further note, if you haven’t seen the original documentary of when these crazy inbreds hit up India and get chased out, you should check that one out below. It’s a lot more entertaining.

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