Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Release New Single, “Let the Day Begin” For Free

I knew that this was inevitable but still, all I can really say is FUCKING FINALLY! It’s been three years without new tunes from BRMC but with a new album being announced for this year and tour dates popping up (including the one I previously mentioned in Nashville, with BASS DRUM OF DEATH opening! Shit just got real, people), I was still anxiously awaiting for a new tune to leak. Word got out that their new single was set to premiere on KROQ on Sunday. I stayed up a bit later and listened through a sea of utter bullshit tunes to hear it and I got to say, it was well worth the wait.

Let the Day Begin – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

The new tune is actually a cover of the Call’s “Let the Day Begin.” For those who don’t know, Michael Been of the Call is actually the father of Robert Been of BRMC. He toured and did sound for the band for years, right up until his untimely and tragic death in 2010 right after a BRMC show. That had to be some heavy shit. In homage to him (as I’m getting this whole album is in some way, shape or form), the band covered the Call’s song “Let the Day Begin.” From the pounding drum beats to the lyrics shouting out to all the dreamers in the bars and drivers behind the wheel, I gotta say, it’s a hell of an intro. Maybe not the one people expecting a shit-kicking Beat the Devil’s Tattoo were expecting, but awesome nonetheless. In other words, different vibe but still fucking awesome.

The band pulled a fast ball on me with this one. Right after I waned through a sea of bullshit on KROQ to hear the single (seriously, I listened to a song that sounded like it belonged in a fucking tikki bar), they announced that they were releasing the single for free on their website. Click the link below and download the fucker and get stoked even more for the new album. It’s good to have these guys back.

DOWNLOAD “Let the Day Begin” Off of

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