New Tune From the Black Angels – “Don’t Play With Guns”

Picture 8I had heard that the Black Angels had recently wrapped up another album back in the summer of 2012 and hinted that it would be out in the Spring of this year. Looks like they’re keeping true to their word. They have just announced a new album, tentatively titled Indigo Meadow with a release date of April 2nd. To add further excitement to the whole thing, they have released a new tune along with it, called “Don’t Play With Guns.”

Don’t Play With Guns – the Black Angels

Considering how every gun nut is jumping at the opportunity to debate the 2nd amendment in the face of the recent tragedies, I wouldn’t be surprised if the band caught some flack for the tune. Even if it was recorded before the recent shootings, that just kind of adds to their eeriness. Can the Black Angels actually see the future? Probably. Either way, we’re stoked on this new album. Check out a few more of my favorite tunes by them and get psyched. This means tour dates and more tracks are to follow very soon. Fuck, can 2013 get any cooler at this point?

UPDATE: Well, it looks like they do have some tour dates after all. I’d list them all out but that’s a pain in the ass, so you can just go to their website ( and see for yourself. I see they got a Nashville date for May 5th…..So in one week, it’s Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, then the Black Keys, then top it off with the Black Angels. Nashville’s getting painted black, bitches.

Rain Dance Song – the Black Angels

Science Killer – the Black Angels

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