Nose Candy – Al-Doe

I don’t normally write about hip hop. It’s not that I don’t respect it or any of that “it’s not a real form of music” shit uptight white conservatives say. It’s more like I’m a student of rock and the only hip hop I listen to consistently revolves around anything the members of NWA did (together or solo), a few Public Enemy songs, Method Man’s first album and Jay-Z up to the Black Album (Jigga lost his touch after that). In other words, it’s like trying to buy a house from a car salesman; it’s just not my area of expertise. That and aside from the occasional shit a few of my friends show me, I never find anything really worth writing about. However, I recently came rediscovered this gem the other day on my iTunes and I just had to say something about it.

BLASxFAxMEE – Al-Doe feat. Smoke DZA

I just like this dude’s lyrics and flow. It’s greasy as hell, but that’s probably what makes it so appealing to me. This ain’t no French shit, sorta speak. Anyways, after I heard this, I downloaded the rest of the mixtape that this is on, Nose Candy and thought it was a pretty good listen. It came out back in November, so if you’re like me, you’re not that late to the party.

Click here to listen/download Nose Candy off of XXL

All right, I’m going back to talking about rock n roll and the stuff I know now.

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