Bass Drum of Death Announce New Album

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It’s been a bit since we’ve heard from Bass Drum of Death. Granted, they released a single last summer and we’ve known that they’ve been completing a new album. Back when I interviewed them in March, John Barrett said that we should be expecting a new album last fall, but since those plans didn’t come together, we can only assume that they’ve been sitting on a new album until all the label jazz is worked out. So we’ve been twiddling our thumbs and keeping our eyes open, like watching a bomb without a timer. Well, it looks like someone just gave us a timer. The band has just released a new promo for the new album.

Details are scant and few and aside from showing some cool live footage intermixed with some cool stock footage, the video doesn’t tell us much. We do get a clip of a new song and know that the album is being released under Innovative Leisure Records. Also, the current word going around the rumor cycle is “April” but we’ll have to sit on our hands for just a bit longer.

I’ll be seeing these dudes again in May when they open for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at the Cannery Ballroom. Knowing how much of a punch both bands pack when playing live, I feel like it’s impossible to walk away from that one without a few bruises and scars. I can’t fucking wait. Check out a couple of their other tracks below and get stoked.

White Fright – Bass Drum of Death

I Wanna Be Forgotten – Bass Drum of Death

2 Responses to “Bass Drum of Death Announce New Album”
  1. juepucta says:

    that BDOD + BRMC combo shoul dbe amazing, man

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