David Bowie & the Beginning of the Berlin Era

Since he just announced his return about a month ago and apparently a film is being made about this era in Bowie’s career, I feel now is as good of a time as anyway to post about these albums. It goes without saying that David Bowie rules. For real. Unless you’re absolutely retarded, its hard to not dig at least an album’s worth of material the fucker does because he covers such a wide range of music. He went from being an acoustic hippie to making pure rock to making space rock to making industrial and so on and so forth. He’s one of the few true renaissance men to do music. Two of my favorite albums he’s done would have to be Low and Station to Station, the former being the beginning of the Berlin Era.

These albums were made concurrently and after already strange times. Bowie had just got done with Young Americans and was about to start making the cult movie The Man Who Fell to the Earth. To add to that further stress, he was on the complete balanced breakfast of milk, peppers and cocaine. Yeah, he pretty much was an alien at that point. But these paranoid times inspired two of my favorite albums of his. Station to Station is when he introduced his new persona “The Thin White Duke” and also made a space rock album that pulled off the difficult: it made white people playing funk and soul sound fucking stellar. The tour itself was riddled with accusations that Bowie supported Fascism. He pulled a Rick James on this and basically said “cocaine is a hell of a drug.” Standout tracks for me include the title track, “Golden Years,” and “Stay,” with my favorite being the latter. That beginning riff gets me every time. Don’t know if its on Spotify, but heres a Youtube link for you lazy bastards below.

Station to Station – David Bowie

Low was the beginning of the Berlin era. Kind to think of it, you can also go ahead and put down the last good albums of Iggy Pop on this list as well, seeing as how David Bowie helped Iggy get clean enough to do The Idiot and Lust for Life while they both moved to Berlin. But regarding Low, this album took work to be put out. You might as well have dropped Ziggy’s detoxing ass in maze. Even his manager tried to prevent it from being released. When it did, it was initially met with negativity because the people were expecting another “Ziggy Stardust.” However, over time people have gotten smarter and come to realize that this was one of Bowie’s best releases. Standout tracks include “Breaking Glass,” “Always Crashing the Same Car” and “Be My Wife.” Once again, the latter is my favorite out of them all; I’m hooked from the opening piano line to the guitar solos, it does no wrong for me. If you haven’t heard it already, here’s another YouTube link for you lazy fucks.

So yeah, those are my two favorite Bowie albums. I might as well post the Iggy Pop albums as well, considering they are both from the same era and honestly, it’s an excuse to show more awesome music.

The Idiot – Iggy Pop

Lust for Life – Iggy Pop

So yeah, buy this shit if you can. Either way, if you haven’t heard these albums, they are more important than a day job or school, so call in sick and give them a listen. You’re very welcome.

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