Beck Reinterprets Bowie’s “Sound and Vision”

Picture 11I’ve never been a fanboy when it comes to Beck, but I do like a good number of his tunes. Even if I don’t know what the fuck he’s talking about half the time or get annoyed with some of his antics (releasing your new record only as a songbook; really? Ain’t nobody got time for that!), I have to admit the man is a visionary in a league of his own. Now, he’s decided to take on another visionary in another league of their own: the one and only David Bowie. With all the hype Bowie’s been getting lately (works for me, since I’m a fan), I was skeptical to hear how Beck reinterpreted another one of my favorite songs of Bowie’s, “Sound and Vision” off of Low. He decided to go with grandiose treatment, performing the song in an auditorium with the 360 treatment. Adding in an orchestra that includes enough guitars, strings and voices to bring down a house, he further added to the dramatic effect by being center stage for the whole thing. And after a somewhat cheesy, yet grand entrance, the song kicks off on the right foot. The end result is captivating and does justice to Bowie. Beck’s gotta lose the hate though. From a distance, he keeps looking like a black sheep version of Jason Mraz with it on. You can see for yourself below. I threw in an extra Beck song I’ve been kicking around ever since I saw Inland Empire a few weeks ago. It’s pretty dope too. Check it.

Sound and Vision – Beck

Black Tambourine – Beck

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