Primal Scream Premiere “2013”, Give Further Details For New Album

Picture 12Well ladies and gentlemen, if you ever needed a reason to be excited for good drug music, you’ve got it now. It’s been five years since Primal Scream put out a new tune, but they changed that today. The band released their new single “2013” at 11 AM in the UK and the video soon after. And yeah, it’s cool as fuck.

The band’s been teasing stills from the video for a week now, but today, they unveiled it. I love that since 11 AM in the UK is like 5 AM here, I basically woke up to a new Primal Scream this morning. It’s one of the best starts to a morning you can get. Anyways, even though they promised that this record would be more guitar heavy, that’s not the vibe I’m getting from the tune. It’s still killer though and the video is eerie as fuck. It’s like  a bad trip, but more realistic than some director prick using image faders and the lot for the video. Make sense? If not, just watch the video below. I’m extremely stoked to pick up this album on May 6th (hopefully April if the album leaks early). Also, check out another one of my favorite songs by them titled “Medication.” It’s been on repeat a lot as well.

2013 – Primal Scream

Medication – Primal Scream

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