Useless Eaters Release “Hypertension” LP

Fuck, I knew I forgot to post about something earlier. You gotta love it that of all places that could’ve remind that Useless Eaters just released a new album, it was the iTunes front page of all places. Nice change of pace considering that iTunes usually decides that the first thing that anyone should see on their page is the tranny-looking Justin Bieber. As far as the band goes, I don’t know how you wouldn’t know about Useless Eaters at this point, considering that Seth Sutton shits out enough records to be on par with Ty Segall in that field. If you haven’t, I’ll make it easy for you HERE. Anyways, the band has released a new record today called Hypertension. I haven’t heard it yet, but judging by the video the band recently released, it sounds like it’d be worth picking up.

Hypertension – Useless Eaters

What I’ve always thought separated Useless Eaters from the rest of the so-called punk bands in Nashville is that they always seem to evolve in some degree on every record they make. It might appear to be baby steps if you listen to their records back to back, but listen to the track above and “Mr. Oscillations” below.

Mr. Oscillations – Useless Eaters

What I’m basically trying to say is that the reason I find Useless Eaters much more enduring than other current punk bands is that Sutton has avoided making his catalogue from sounding stagnent. Anyways, I’ll let you guys decide for yourself. The record is out currently on Jeffery Drag Records. You can pick up a physical copy HERE or get it off iTunes and such. Do the right thing kids.

3 Responses to “Useless Eaters Release “Hypertension” LP”
  1. crankypants says:

    ahhhhhhhh I saw where Nick Cave answered your question on Twitter. I didn’t even know about the whole thing till this morning, how come people only tell me the stuff I already know

    • Jordan Canio says:

      Haha, yeah. I was shocked he even answered it. He seemed pissed off the whole time, but that kinda made the whole thing cooler. Haha

      • crankypants says:

        yeah I think he really hated it, but I agree, it did kind of make it better, from what I saw. I saw a photoset of 5 tweets of it on tumblr this morning and yours was #1 and I was like…hey I know that guy…well not really, but i recognized you from here. I’m pissed I missed it because I’ve had a burning question since 2006 about The Proposition but I am sure he wouldn’t have answered it anyway.
        Anyway congrats on your Brush With Nick, I am supremely jealous

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