Annie Hardy is Back with “Unbelievable Psycho Boy”

After a few years of lying dormant, Annie Hardy is finally back and releasing brand new tunes. You might have heard of her if you’ve heard of a band called Giant Drag, who has opened for the likes of Jesus and Mary Chain and Scissor Sisters. If that isn’t ringing any bells, I don’t blame you, cause I only heard of them from their association with Joe Cardamone from the Icarus Line. The band is more part of the pop spectrum; think if Best Coast wasn’t extremely whiney, did more than talked about cats and had some pretty killer guitar tones instead of rehashing the same old shit. Check out their song “Kevin Is Gay” to get what I mean.

Kevin Is Gay – Giant Drag

Know what I’m saying? Anyways, I don’t know what happened to that band, cause they’ve been lying dormant for a good bit now. There was word that Annie went to rehab/dropped off the grid and that the band broke up. I can’t speak for that, but one thing is for sure though: Annie’s back. And she’s changed for the better. She’s just put out a new song called “Unbelievable Psycho Boy” under the moniker Annie Hardy and the Psychos. The song’s less concentrated on melodies and with the help of Joe Cardamone behind the board, Hardy channels her primal scream and I really like this shit. You can hear the song below. If you like it, throw these dudes a dollar for the tune. It’s definitely worth it. Hopefully, this is the first of many tunes we’ll hear from her.

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