Mark Lanegan Teams Up With Duke Garwood for “Black Pudding”


I’ve ranted enough about Mark Lanegan on this site to warrant another rant; if you don’t know how awesome he is, just read back on some of my older posts and that’ll explain why the man’s part of rare breed. For those of you who have paid attention long enough, you’ll know that despite almost hitting 50, Lanegan’s a busy man. Somewhere between contributing to the new Queens of the Stone Age album, touring behind his own album from last year, and helping Nick Cave create a soundtrack for a bootlegging movie (the duo are supposed to re-team up soon also, which is one more thing I can check off the bucket list), Lanegan found time to record yet another album. This time, it’s with mult-instrumentalist Duke Garwood, for a new album titled Black Pudding and it’s due out May 13th (which also happens to be this motherfucker’s birthday! Thanks dudes!).

The album was recorded at Josh Homme’s Pink Duck Studio by Justin Smith and mixed by Queens of the Stone Age veteran Alain Johannes.  Aside from that, not many more details have emerged about the project. However, we are lucky enough to get a new tune out of this to get us ready for what’s to come. The song’s called “Pentecostal” and if anything, it reminds us that Lanegan’s voice never gets old or any less bad ass.

Pentecostal – Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood

Another single is supposed to be due out soon. Sounds like a plan. Since you’re already spinning Lanegan tunes, you might as well check out these tunes as well. I think we can close the book on the fact that Lanegan can do no wrong.

White Light/White Heat – The Bootleggers feat. Mark Lanegan

Quiver Syndrome – Mark Lanegan Band

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