David Bowie Releases “Stars (Are Out Tonight)”

Picture 14Goddamn, even if this album doesn’t live up to the hype, you gotta admit one thing:  it’s good to have David Bowie back. I missed how he turns weird things into cool things. Now that’s real talent, kids. Take notes (especially you no talent hacks like Lady Gaga, Kreayshawn, etc.). Anyways, while the last song he put out “Where Are We Now?” mimicked his old Berlin days with a slower ballad, his new track is a lot faster. It’s a head nodder that makes it sound like Bowie is 30 again and I’m totally digging it. However, my favorite part would have to be the video. Bowie recruits Tilda Swinton (the chick from We Need to Talk About Kevin and the Beach) to be his wife as their happy lives end up being terrorized by a celebrity couple. It’s a reverse of the whole stalker thing and I really dig the madness and chaos of the video. You can see for yourself below. No word on whether Bowie is going to tour or not (the last word was it’s fifty-fifty), but seeing as how he almost had a heart attack on the last tour he did, I can’t really blame him. Still, I can’t wait for this album to drop in 2 weeks (let that sink in; we are only two weeks away from more Bowie….). Hold tight til then.

Stars (Are Out Tonight) – David Bowie

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