Giant Drag Finally Release “Waking Up Is Hard To Do” LP

Giant Drag Waking Up Is Hard To Do COVERIn a lot of ways, this is a posthumous release. No one died (in the traditional sense), but with Annie Hardy recently announcing a new band and also saying that she is putting Giant Drag to rest, that label kinda feels appropriate. Maybe? I don’t know. At first, I only knew Annie from when she was playing keys in the Icarus Line; it was until last year that I actually gave Giant Drag a listen. I dug a couple of the singles I had heard, but forgot to check out their album or anything else by them. That changed about a week ago, when Annie debuted her new single “Unbelievable Psycho Boy” from her new band, Annie Hardy and the Psychos. Soon after that, the news came that their long awaited and final LP Waking Up Is Hard To Do is being released this coming Tuesday. The release of this album has been a huge ordeal, but I’ll let Annie speak for Annie:

This LP has been a total curse on my existence; every time I team up with a record company or person to get this thing out something goes wrong and it just ends up sitting there like it has for 7 years now, so I am putting this thing out myself this coming Tuesday 5th March.

I want to engage people once again and make the rest of the world care as well. Basically the last couple years of my life were pure hell and I spent it (and my “success” period of GD) a slave to prescription drugs, only to go to rehab last October to get clean and have the place literally nearly kill me. Legal battles were won and health problems have remained and I’m kind of getting honest with everyone for the first time. Since my family now knows I’m not afraid to tell truths about what’s been holding me and my music back for so long. I’ve been through a lot surrounding addiction and dealing with issues of mental health watching my ex-boyfriend lose his mind (go Full Psycho). It’s totally overwhelming but there’s been a shift of perspective in me and I want to help other people if I can. It’s already turning out to be a wild ride and I think things will keep getting better. I hope if you survive listening to this record you’ll be excited as I am about what’s to come.

I have no current plans to tour Giant Drag but Charlotte Froom and Tennesse Thomas from The Like will be helping me to reform GD for a select few shows to promote the record and say goodbye to the band properly so I can concentrate on my new projects, Annie Hardy and the Psychos as well as my pet project PnP also will be finishing up recording EPs with Joe Cardamone of The Icarus Line and of course the live LP Shredding Leeds is meant to be out right now but I stupidly committed to laborious hand-made vinyl packages for the fans so I’m working on that nightly.

Fortunately, I got sent an early copy from Annie and yeah, it’s pretty fucking great. I dig this record because of how unpredictable it is. That may sound cliche, but its apparent when you hear songs like “We Like the Weather” in which the sound goes from light and floaty to suddenly becoming fuzzed out half way through the song; or on “Messif My Face,” where an unexpected but cool guitar solo pierces through the piano driven song occasionally but with good timing. This unpredictability continues all the way down to the sequencing of tracks, which is evident when the next track, “Won’t Come Around,” is a well written pop downer track and probably one of my favorites on the album. It’s even more obvious that this album is full of jumps like that when the last two tracks have a lot of gospel vibes to them. Amongst the whole album, there is hardly a bad track aside from “Meowch”, which I don’t dig cause the whole cat thing is not my bag. That track is skippable but the rest of the album is pretty solid. Even a track called “Sobriety” makes sobriety sound really cool and that’s saying something.

So yeah, this album rules because its unpredictable and the band pulls that off pretty well. It’s a shame that this is the last album under the Giant Drag moniker but at least they pulled off an exceptional finale. Plus, from what I’ve heard from Annie’s new band, it sounds like she’s back now and out for blood. Can’t wait to hear what else she’s got up her sleeve. Waking Up Is Hard To Do is due out on Tuesday, March 5th. To get a copy of it, head over to Until then, you can check out a couple of the tracks from the LP below.

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