Smith Westerns Announce New Album, Release “Varsity”

I don’t ever try to bring up old shit unless there’s a point that needs to be made. With that in mind, I think we can all agree that 2011 was the break out year for the Smith Westerns. I mean you can’t deny the facts: they made an undeniably awesome sophomore LP Dye It Blonde and then went from playing the End in January of that year to playing War Memorial in October. Like them or hate them, 2011 was good to them. Then in 2012, they went quiet. Not that that wasn’t expected, seeing as how they toured their asses off and expressed a desire to make a new record. So, aside from one or two shows, we didn’t hear another tune at all. That all changed last week. These dudes announced that their new album, Soft Will, is due out on June 11th and then proceeded to break the silence by giving us a new tune, “Varsity.”

Is it a significant departure from what they recorded on Dye It Blonde? Not really. Am I complaining? Not really. I don’t really care if these guys end up being a one-trick pony cause let’s face it, it’s a damn good trick. So yeah, the song rules, and I can’t wait to hear the rest of the record. Check out some more of their tunes to get even more hyped that the kids are back.

Smile – Smith Westerns

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