The Hussy Ready “Way With Words” EP For April, Hear “Wrong/Right” Remix Here

THE HUSSY -Way With Words- EP - CoverFucking hell, I’d love to imagine what I could accomplish if I had 1/2 the dedication/consistency that this band has. If you haven’t caught the drift yet, the Hussy rule not only because they put out great music, but because they are able to put out A LOT of great music in a short period of time. With a new LP due out May 7th, the band is giving us a taste of what’s to come with another new EP, titled “Way with Words.” This EP is due out on April 16th via Black Gladiator and lucky me, I get to premiere my favorite track off the three song EP, “Wrong/Right (e.react Mix).

I don’t know exactly what I like about the new version of “Wrong/Right.” I dug the original version off of the Cement Tomb Mind Control LP plenty enough and couldn’t understand the need for a remix of track that was already perfectly catchy and fine as is. Boy, was I wrong! The new mix of this puppy sounds great. Maybe it’s the added cymbal-snare drumbeat that gets me. Throughout the whole song, the sound of that beat makes it feel like the entire song can fall apart at any minute. Yet, by some miracle, it soldiers on and this feeling of imminent collapse makes the sound trippy and fucking cool. Well done.

So keep an ear to the ground, kids. The band is planning a lot more cool stuff to go down before summer even begins, but you’ll just have to sit tight til then.

Undefined – the Hussy

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