Primal Scream Debut “It’s Alright, It’s Okay”

If you think you do a good job of keeping up with cool shit going down, then you should know about Primal Scream releasing a new album very soon. If you didn’t, well, consider this a freebie, but don’t let us catch you fucking up that badly again. Got it? Good. Anyways, I don’t normally like debuting new songs via live youtube videos. The quality is usually not too great and most of the time, it’s best just to wait for the produced version of it to come out then expose someone to someone else’s shit iPhone video. However, this one appears to be pretty articulate and more than passable. You already heard Primal Scream’s first new song of this decade, “2013” when I posted it a while back. The word on the street is that their next single is set to be a tune called “It’s Alright, It’s Okay.” Lucky for us, the band has already debuted this song back in December during a gig.

It’s Alright, It’s Okay – Primal Scream

From what I can hear, I dig the track. It sounds like a throwback to the band’s Screamadelica days. It should be interesting to hear what the studio version hears like. If you missed the original single, “2013,” check out the full nine minute version of it below along with their tune “Rocks” for old times sake.

2013- Primal Scream

Rocks (Live From Abbey Road) – Primal Scream

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