Watch Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Perform a Full Concert in LA

Photo by Miles Price

Okay, this video stream has been up for a good bit (it was recorded about a month ago now), but considering that Cave has just recently returned to America to perform a proper tour, it seems appropriate to post this now. It seems even more appropriate given that he was just in Nashville. Yes, I saw him (along with my buddy Chris DeLine, aka the Culture Bully) and yes, it was one of the most phenomenal live performances I have seen. Flawless comes to mind, cause even during the very few times the band screwed up (which only diehard fans like me could pick up on), they soldiered on and made it that much fucking cooler. This is how you rock ‘n’ roll kids. It could also do with the fact that I’m pretty sure he’s still possessed by the devil, seeing as how he’s still quite the contortionist, even at the age of 55. So anyways, the show was amazing, and while a video can’t describe or mimic the full intensity of the gig, it’s better than nothing. So with that in mind, check out this full concert below. The setlist is different than the gig they played here, but you can still hear some classic chops like “Jack the Ripper” and the menacing “Stagger Lee.” And if you haven’t picked up Nick and the gang’s latest album, Push the Sky Away, you are making a huge mistake.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Live at the Fonda Theatre – February 21, 2013

One Response to “Watch Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Perform a Full Concert in LA”
  1. crankypants says:

    Ah I figured you were at the show in Nashville. I just saw him last night in Philadelphia, from like the 4th row…he climbed over the temporary seats in front of us and sang to my friends and climbed over me and then later asked everyone to move the seats in front so we, his minions, were closer to the stage so he could really get in our faces and grab hands and thrust those bony hips at us.. I think he just keeps getting better. It was unbelievable.

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