Ranch Ghost Play Road To Bonnaroo Next Monday

I’ve never been a fan of Road to Bonnaroo cause for the most part, it’s a sham. You’re telling me that Cheer Up, Charlie Daniels or Chancellor Warhol are better bands than Majestico? “I smell bullshit” is right, kids! However, there is usually a silver-lining to each show. Last year it was Fly Golden Eagle and the year before that was PUJOL. And while these silver-lining bands hardly ever get the praise or votes that they deserve, I’d like to call attention to exhibit A, B, and C this year; a little band called Ranch Ghost. You should know about them by now if you’ve followed this blog long enough, but if you haven’t, I’ll fill you in. Ranch Ghost is simply one of the best bands to come out of Nashville in the past 5 years. Their version of trippy rock n roll transcends a lot of bands in this town and I don’t think I’ve heard a SINGLE person say they’re bad. I guess this is my way of saying to the organizers of this shit to please vote on quality for once. God knows how nuts these guys would be playing tunes in the land of degenerates, hippies, drug addicts and pleasure-seeking youngins. Damn, I might actually pay for a ticket if that’s the case. If you doubt my word, let the music do the talking. Check out their phenomenal single titled “Nahla” below along with a couple of other tracks. Their long overdue full length LP is due out sometime this year and careful dudes; that shit is guaranteed to get your girlfriend knocked up on first listen. Check it

Nahla – Ranch Ghost

New News – Ranch Ghost

Lookin – Ranch Ghost

2 Responses to “Ranch Ghost Play Road To Bonnaroo Next Monday”
  1. lol…. “the rise and (quick) fall of ranch ghost” didn’t they used to mock this festival? hahaha.

    ha, once were the new kings here, now they are talent show potential.

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