Cyclops Reap – White Fence

A lot of you guys already know about this band, so if you do, consider this what the head doctors call as “positive reinforcement.” White Fence is the psych rock project of Tim Presley. You probably remember him from that collaboration he did with Ty Segall last year around this time called Hair. However, what I just recently found out is that he is part of a band called Darker My Love, a band that I’ve loved for about 5 years now. I never put two and two together, but I guess that’s why teachers tell you to do your homework. Whoops. Anyways, this project is less heavy than Darker My Love and has produced about 5 albums since 2010. I recently got an early copy of his new album Cyclops Reap from my good friend Terri (she’s a super lady and I can’t emphasize that enough) and as the first album of his I’ve actually heard, I got to say, it’s damn good.

Comparing it to Darker My Love, this band is a lighter trip. The amps aren’t turned up to 11 and the solos aren’t as heavily drenched in effects. That’s not to say the band isn’t without its heavy moments like in the pounding beat and fuzzed out guitars in “Pink Gorilla” and the sparsity of “White Cat” that seems to play on anticipation more than anything else. Songs like those are heavy in spirit, but not exactly in sound, if that makes any sense. The other songs are melodic guitar wise and give these songs a floaty and peaceful feel to them. Every once in a while, it feels like a bad trip might set in as stuff seems to degenerate like in “Run By the Same.” However, Presley, being the good trip sitter he is, pulls us back to the lighter parts before everything gets fucked up.

So yeah, this is my seal of approval for this record. The fucker is due out April 9th and I suggest that you pick it up and give it a listen. I’ll leave you with my 2 favorite tracks off the record. See for yourself.

Pink Gorilla – White Fence

New Edinburgh – White Fence

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