Penicillin Baby Release Video For “All Dolled Up”, Release “Jams: Volume III” Friday

Picture 16There have been rumors here and there that these dudes were going to put out  a video some time soon. Seeing as how it’s been about 4 months since they released Jams: Volume II and they’ve been playing shows or in the studio a lot ever since, I figured it’d be sooner rather than later. Today, the band double-dosed the water by announcing that they’re releasing a new volume of Jams this Friday and to commemorate that, we finally get a music video out of these fuckers.

All Dolled Up – Penicillin Baby

As you probably could infer, the video is trippy as fuck. The retro and tweaked footage mostly consists of strange women running around (mostly naked), scheming, kidnapping, dancing and fucking people up with their mind powers. Sounds like a good time to me. The tune itself is ace as well, heavy enough for dudes, sweet enough for girls.

The band is set to release Jams: Volume 3. I can’t comment on how awesome it is because I haven’t gotten my press copy yet (hint hint). However, knowing Jon and all them, I’m sure it’s pretty fucking cool. The band is set to play everyone’s favorite dive bar Springwater this Friday to celebrate the release of said jams. On the bill is also Elk Milk from Chattanooga, Golden Spurs and Shy Guy. I’m becoming a bit of a shut in lately, but even I’m going to try to make it to this show cause it’s sure to be a good one. If you slept on it, check out Jams: Volume II below.

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