Queens of the Stone Age Debut First New Song in 6 Years, “My God is the Sun”

I love this band because I think they are everything a rock ‘n’ roll band should be: great songwriting chops combined with an undeniable swagger that’s lost on most bands nowadays. As cheesy as it sounds, I felt like my life was changed when I first bought the band’s last album Era Vulgaris. It was rock like I had never heard it before: sloppy, grinding and firing on all cylinders. It was perfect to my 17 year old mind and still is now. So that’s why the wait on this new album has been killing me. 6 years to me is like keeping a heroin addict straight for 6 days: while Homme’s output hasn’t made the sweats too bad, its still 6 years. However, this all changed recently. You’ve probably heard that the band has finally released a release date for the new album. ….Like Clockwork is due out in June of this year on Matador Records. I delayed posting this info earlier because let’s face it, it’d basically be a cock tease without any new tunes to go along with it. Well, the stars aligned today at Lollapalooza in Brazil as the band made their first live debut in about 2 years. In their set, they of course teased the crowd with a new track, “My God is the Sun.” I dig the shit out of it and you can too by listening to & downloading it below.

My God is the Sun – Queens of the Stone Age

My God is the Sun (Live) – Queens of the Stone Age MP3 Right-click here and ‘Save link as…’

I don’t have the authority nor permission, but I’m going to go ahead and speak for the entire world when I say that it’s good to have Josh Homme and crew back and slinging new tunes. You can check out the official press release for the album below along with this clip of “Song for the Dead.” Watch Homme use a microphone instead of a slide. It’s awesome.

Song for the Dead – Queens of the Stone Age

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