Bad Cop Cover the King

It’s risky business covering one of the greats. Most band’s do best to stay away from this territory because the truth is, no one likes a bad cover; it’s the equivalent of pissing on someone’s shrine if it all goes wrong. However, Bad Cop pull it off with their new cover of “Money Honey,” made famous by the King himself. Compared to their other work, it might be the most stripped down sound the band has had so far and it works to their advantage. It’s a cover, but the band isn’t trying to mimic the King to a “t” like the impersonators do, instead opting to put their own Southern spin to it. See for yourself below.

Also, keep your eye on this site, cause  within the next month or two, I’ll be posting a very in depth interview with Adam Anyone himself. Can’t say too much more at the moment except that it’s fucking cool and soaked to the bone in rock n roll anecdotes. But more on that later. If you missed the band’s video for “Chicago Lady,” check it out below. Their new EP Light On is due out in June. Get ready.

Chicago Lady -Bad Cop

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