Beady Eye – “Flick of the Finger”

Here’s my current take on Beady Eye: I gave them a lot of shit cause I was (and still am) on Noel Gallagher’s side of this argument. Why? Long story short, Liam talks a big game, but never delivers the tunes while Noel talks a big game AND delivers the tunes. It’s not hard to see who the clear winner is here. Anyways, I have given the first Beady Eye album more of a chance and found I did like a tune or two more than I thought. However, it still is pretty mediocre. So when I heard these dudes were in the studio again, I couldn’t be bothered with it. That is until I heard that they were in the studio with TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek. Considering that the last album they made was produced by some fucker who does Dave Matthews albums (the first sign it would suck), I was curious to see if they could be saved by Sitek’s skill. The moment of truth came almost 2 weeks ago, when the band released their new single, “Flick of the Finger.”

Flick of the Finger – Beady Eye

In my very unhumble opinion, it’s actually not bad. The voice over track at the end kind of kills it for me, but if you stop it right before then, it’s a decent track. The current video  is bullshit. I mean, a shark eating a high flying bird? Really Liam? You want your big brother Noel to come back and bitch slap you with his new album already? Actually, that does sound cool. Carry on. Beady Eye’s new album is due this June. The quality is anyone’s guess at this point.

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