The Stone Roses: Made of Stone Trailer Released

If you don’t know who the Stone Roses are by now, go out and buy their first album (don’t worry about the second one, it’s pretty shitty). Not only are they a great band, but they helped influence the whole Manchester scene in the 1990’s. They announced last year that they were reuniting for the first time in almost 20 years and they just played their first American gig in even longer last Friday at Coachella. I heard it wasn’t that good, but I’d still buy tickets to see them if they rolled through the South (which is a fucking long shot itself). However, they’re pulling a Blur now: they had some cameramen follow them around on the reunion tour and make a documentary on the band’s history. Adequately titled The Stone Roses: Made of Stone, the movie looks pretty damn good. Don’t know about that whole “it’ll make grown men cry” deal. More like smoke shit tons of weed and phase out probably. Anyways, check out the trailer below. I’m assuming that the dates for the movie only apply to the UK, so I guess we’ll have to wait for it to hit the internet first.

And if you really don’t know who this band is, check out these songs below.

I Wanna Be Adored – The Stone Roses

I Am the Resurrection – The Stone Roses

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