The Hussy Release “Pagan Hiss” LP On May 7th, Announce Massive Tour

My favorite people from Wisconsin (actually, I don’t think I know anyone else from Wisconsin, but still, these guys fucking rule) are still doing cool shit. It’s only been about a year since the Hussy released their last LP, Weed Seizure, but like I’ve said multiple times, these guys think sleep is for pussies.With that in mind, they have another album coming out very soon. It’s called Pagan Hiss and is due out on May 7th via Southpaw Records.

In case you’re wondering, yeah, I’ve already heard it.  Not that I would expect anything less from them, but the album rules. It seems like they go further into psychedelic territory with every new album they release and they keep getting better at it. You almost wish it was longer than half an hour, yet it kinda suits the band. After you kill it for 30 minutes, you don’t really want to wait around for the cops show up. Instead, the Hussy dipset in order to fight another day and we salute them for that.

The band released the opening track “Blame” for our listening pleasure. You can stream it below and download it via a link from Austin Town Hall right HERE. Make sure to pick up the whole story on May 7th. Trust me kids, it just might become more popular than wearing underwear. Also, tour dates are posted below. They’re hitting up Europe before they hit up the US of A. Whatever side of the pond you are on, you best be getting your ass to one of these shows.


May 3rd – Madrid, Spain – Wurlitzer Ballroom

May 4th – San Sebastian, Spain – Casa de cultura de Larratxo

May 5th – Pineda del Mar, Spain – Munster Raving Loony Party

May 6th – Bordeaux, France – Café Pompier

May 7th – Nantes, France – Bar L’Ivresse

May 8th – Paris, France – La Mécanique Ondulatoire

May 9th – Karlsruhe, Germany – Alte Hackerei

May 10th – Charleroi,Belgium – Rockerill Marchienne

May 11th – Diksmuide, Belgium – 4AD

May 12th – Utrecht, Holland – dB’s

May 15th – Hamburg, Germany – Komet

May 16th – Malmö, Sweden – Babel

May 17th – Göteborg, Sweden – Röda Sten

May 18th – Stockholm, Sweden – Debaser

May 19th – Copenhagen, Denmark – Bumzen

May 20th – Berlin, Germany – TBA

May 21st – Chemnitz, Germany – Subway To Peter

May 22nd – Tübingen, Germany – Epplehaus

May 23rd – St Gallen, Switzerland – Tankstell

May 24th – Milano, Italy – Rock ‘n’ Roll

May 25th – Marseille, France – La Machine à Coudre

US East Coast Tour

June 8th – Madison, WI – Revolution Cycles w/ Digital Leather

June 21st – Chicago, IL – Observatory w/ Absolutely Not

June 22nd – Detroit, MI – TBA

June 23rd – Fort Wayne, IN – Brass Rail

June 24th – Cincinnati, OH – The Chameleon

June 25th – Columbus, OH – Ace Of Cups

June 26th – Cleveland, OH – Now That’s Class

June 27th – York, PA – Beer Mongers

June 28th – Brooklyn, NY – Death By Audio

June 29th – Baltimore, MD – Wallride Manor

June 30th – Richmond, VA – Strange Matter

July 1st – Charlotte, NC – Milestone

July 2nd – Atlanta, GA – TBA

July 3rd – Nashville, TN – Stone Fox w/ Cheap Time

July 4th – DAY OFF

July 5th – Memphis, TN – TBA

July 6th – Indianapolis, IN – TBA

US West Coast Tour

August 2nd – Minneapolis, MN – TBA

August 3rd – Omaha, NE – TBA

August 4th – Denver, CO – TBA

August 5th – Salt Lake City, UT – TBA

August 6th – Boise, ID – TBA

August 7th – Seattle, WA – TBA

August 8th – Olympia, WA – TBA

August 9th – Portland, OR – TBA

August 10th – San Francisco, CA – TBA

August 11th-  Los Angeles, CA – The Redwood

August 12th – Phoenix, AZ – TBA

August 13th – Albuquerque, NM – TBA

August 15th – Memphis, TN – TBA

August 16th – Huntsville, AL – TBA

August 17th – Bloomington, IN – TBA

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