Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Release “Animal X”, Rock the Shit Out of Coachella

Fuck is it good to have Nick Cave back doing what he does best: freaking people the fuck out and keeping them on their own toes. For real, all this past year has done so far is reconfirm the fact that he is one of the VERY few that never goes bad; the older he gets, the better he gets at singing about whores, cigarettes, flowers, fucking, death and all the other stuff in the middle. With that in mind, the Bad Seeds had recently put out a new single, “Animal X”, to commemorate the hipster version of Black Friday called Record Store Day. In all seriousness though, I did manage to get a copy of it on that day. Unfortunately, my copy was defected and kept skipping. I was super bummed about it up until I returned it to the store and found that they had a copy of Neil Young’s “Time Fades Away” on LP. In that regards, I made out like a fucking bandit after all (that record store is Little Shop of Records in Murfreesboro by the way. Good people, great shop). Anyways, it worked out even further as the band put the song online for our listening pleasure. You can hear “Animal X” in its strange, fucked up greatness below.

Animal X – Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

Also, if you messed up and didn’t watch the Coachella broadcast, I’ll help you out. I know I already posted on performance by Cave and co., but I think that one got pulled down. Check it out below. The Red Hot Chili Peppers followed this performance and I bet you it bummed them out that they would never be this good.

2 Responses to “Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Release “Animal X”, Rock the Shit Out of Coachella”
  1. crankypants says:

    dang I didn’t realize they broadcast it, what about the Grinderman set? thanks for posting it, I will have to check it out (later, as I am Old and have to get to bed)

    • Jordan Canio says:

      haha. They did broadcast the Grinderman one, but last time I checked, they only had 2 pro-shot song clips up on youtube. I saw the actual performance. In relation to the songs on the album, it was sloppy and felt like it could collapse at any minute, but in a “punk” sort of way, it was fucking great. Hope the whole thing makes it to YouTube eventually.

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