The Black Lips Debut “Cruising”

It’s been a bit since we’ve heard any new material from these hillbillies. They’ve been playing shows and all and I’ve heard through the vine that they are recording new material as we speak. Seeing as how they release a new album almost every 2 years and that we’re nearing 2 years since the release of Arabia Mountain, well, do the math, kids. I’d say we’re due for an announcement sooner than later. To add to this speculation, the band has released a new tune, “Cruising.” They’re giving away the song for Adult Swim’s new garage compilation, Garage Swim. The track will be appearing beside new tracks from Bass Drum of Death and Mikal Cronin and best of all, it’s fucking free. You can check out the Black Lips contribution by following the link below (sorry, Rolling Stone has the lockdown on the track and isn’t sharing like the outdated assholes they are) and download the full thing for free on May 6th right HERE.

Listen to “Cruising” HERE

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