The Hussy Debut Video for “Rezhand”

Picture 22I mentioned last week that these dudes were getting ready to release another new album Pagan Hiss in a little less than a week. By now, I’m sure Bobby and Heather are gearing up to go abroad as their first Europe date on the new tour is in just 2 days and wish them the best of luck doing so. In the chaos of preparing to travel abroad while putting out a record, they’ve finally decided to release a video for one of their newer songs, “Rezhand.” The song is probably the closest we’ll hear to the Hussy going acoustic, and even then, the song still has a hint of electricity to it. The video is also a good representation of their live shows (trust me, I’ve survived three of them) and the band’s sense of humor. Long story short, I dig it and you should too.

Rezhand – The Hussy

The band is set to play Nashville on July 3rd at the Stone Fox and I can’t wait to get piss drunk and blow up shit with these fuckers. If you still haven’t gotten your copy of Pagan Hiss, correct that ASAP. If you need more convincing, check out two of my favorite tracks off the fucker, “Blame” and “Zummer.”

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