TONIGHT: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club & Bass Drum of Death at the Cannery Ballroom

Fuck all of your plans tonight. All of them. I don’t care that you have to study for a final or that you’re working til 11 PM. That shit is all trivial right now. The important thing is that tonight will probably be one of the best shows of the year. As if Black Rebel Motorcycle Club don’t pack enough of a punch on their own (and trust me, they fucking do), they’ve decided to bring along Bass Drum of Death for the ride. I’ve seen both bands play before (BRMC twice, BDOD once) and both shows have been killer. High energy, large sound, and best of all, great tunes. Both bands have a lot to live up to, and I’m more than confident that if any bands can pull it off, it’s these guys. The inevitable riot is set to take place tonight at the Cannery Ballroom. The show is a measly $20 and starts at 9 PM. I’ll be there so if you want to either buy me a drink or punch me in the face (one usually follows the other anyway), you know where I be. If you’re not convinced, check out a tune or two from each band below.

Velvet Itch -Bass Drum of Death

Shattered Me – Bass Drum of Death

Six Barrell Shotgun – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Lullaby – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

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