The Icarus Line Release Live Video, Possibly Planning Web Record?

Picture 24This release has been delayed for a good bit, but it looks like the people over at Invade TV finally got their shit together. After advertising it about a year ago, they’re finally uploading footage from the Icarus Line show in London back in 2011. In part 1, which was released yesterday, the band rips through “King Baby,” the foot stomping opener for their last album, Wildlife. Part 2 is expected next Friday, May 10th. No idea what song it’ll be or if they’ll upload the entire concert, but we’ll just have to sit tight.

King Baby (live in London) – The Icarus Line

This next part is just speculation, but it’s getting more credibility over time: I think we’ll see a new Icarus Line album sometime soon. From word that Joe Cardamone has finished mastering the album to the new website that they haven’t officially called to mind yet (and I’m willing to bet that image on the front page is the cover), I think we’ll get an announcement soon. I’ve also heard that it’ll be called Slave Vows and will probably be web released record (considering how quick its coming together, it wouldn’t surprise me). You can follow Joe Cardamone on Twitter or Facebook for more updates. If you’re still unfamiliar with the band, check out a couple of my favorite songs by them below. Seeing as how each song is from a different album, you can literally see the band’s sound evolve…and it’s fucking awesome.

Up Against the Wall Motherfuckers – The Icarus Line

Gets Paid – The Icarus Line

All the Little Things – The Icarus Line

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