Calling All Comas: New Queens of the Stone Age Video

Picture 25Queens of the Stone Age were never a band for the lighthearted, but they seem to be getting darker than usual. Case in point, their new video for a song they call “I Appear Missing.” In the animated clip, the band takes us through some fairly apocalyptic scenery through the eyes of a bloodied and bandaged man. In it, he levitates until he is finally dropped and, well, I’m sure you can tell from the video. The video might be creepy, but the music is fucking beautiful; it’s more in the vein of Lullabies to Paralyze than Era Vulgaris and I’m completely cool with that. Apparently the full version is supposed to be 6 minutes long, so I can’t help but wonder how much more of the song I’m missing out on. I guess we won’t know until June 6th or when the fucker leaks, but until then, you can check out the video below.

I Appear Missing – Queens of the Stone Age

If you missed it, here’s another song clip from the album as they put it on wax. I think this is an appropriate time to mention that my birthday is in a week and that they are taking preorders for the LP. Help a brother out.

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