David Bowie – “The Next Day” Video

Picture 29I’m siding with Irvine Welsh on this one: the best comeback this year wasn’t the Rolling Stones; it was David Bowie. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Stones too, but as far as reunions go, Bowie managed to pull it off better. It was unexpected and to top it off, he made new music that was GREAT. I mean shit, I was really scared he couldn’t pull it off. Most great musicians don’t tend to do well with age, so when the especially weird ones announce a comeback, I’m more skeptical than usual. But anyways, Bowie’s comeback has been great, even if he doesn’t end up playing live dates (which I doubt I’d be able to get into as it’d probably be in a city far away and about 2 month’s rent for the round trip). Fuck it, I’m rambling, but it’s probably because his new video is pretty fucking awesome. For the album opener “The Next Day,” Bowie recruited the always entertaining Gary Oldman and the babe & a half known as Marion Cotillard. They play a priest and a whore, respectively, in a brothel where Bowie is playing. I don’t want to spoil much more, but let’s just say, it gets a lot weirder throughout the whole thing. I can already see the Catholic Church getting pissed off at this so you know it’s definitely worth a watch. If you haven’t, give The Next Day a listen. If you’re still not convinced, check out my other favorite track from it below.

The Next Day – David Bowie

Love is Lost – David Bowie

2 Responses to “David Bowie – “The Next Day” Video”
  1. Andromeda Fe says:

    I loved that video. Fucking awesome.

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