Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – “Mermaids” Live Video

Picture 27I’ve gone on and on about Nick Cave on this blog long enough for you guys to get the point: he rules. He rules so much that he gets to sing about “firing up (some girl’s) snatch” within ear shot of the children’s choir he hired and get away with it. Why? Because he’s Nick Fucking Cave, that’s why. All fanboy shit aside, the band has recently released a live video for their next single, “Mermaids.” I’m biased as fuck (when am I not), but it’s beautiful; a song to gently sink back below the waves to. Too bad the dude’s done touring the States for a bit, because I’d definitely go see an encore performance any day of the week. You can check out a piece of that below. If you haven’t picked up or even given Push the Sky Away a decent listen, you’re really depriving yourself.

Mermaids – Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

And for further shits and gigs, check out one of his songs I’ve been listening to a lot lately: JACK THE RIPPER!

Jack the Ripper – Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

6 Responses to “Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – “Mermaids” Live Video”
  1. crankypants says:

    NC & TBS are coming back to the US this summer apparently!
    Doesn’t look like he has any plans for TN though.
    My friend and I, on a bit of a whim, flew over to Frankfurt last week to see him, partly because we thought it would be 3-5 years before we’d see him again! annnnd of course he fucking rocked.

    • Jordan Canio says:

      yeah, I saw that. I’m debating getting tickets for Louisville, but it depends on how summer school works this year. Definitely would like to see him again before he quits touring.
      And Frankfurt must have been awesome. I wanted to go to one of the London shows but being near Christmas, my funds couldn’t afford it.

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