The Icarus Line Release Another Live Video, Somebody Owes Me a Beer

Picture 32As they said they would, Invade TV has released the second installment of the Icarus Line’s concert from their 2011 London show. In this video, the band performs their initial single “We Sick” off of Wildlife. I was interested in seeing a pro-shot version of this song, mainly because I had read in some interview with Joe Cardamone that this song was a hard one to do and that he felt that the band never really pulled it off. On first view, yeah, the song’s not perfect, but it does sound pretty fucking cool. Rock n roll is not supposed to be clean; some of the best songs ever sound like they’re a nose hair away from falling apart (just like this song and fuck the Japandroids cover of it). See for yourself below. Part 3 is due out next week, May 1oth. I wish they would just release the whole concert. This waiting thing is bullshit.

We Sick (live in London) – the Icarus Line

And while we’re on the topic of the Icarus Line, the band has actually launched the website I was talking about (though they’re still adding content). It looks like somebody owes me a beer, cause once again, I was fucking right! Okay, to be fair, only part of what I said last week can be confirmed at the moment. It does appear that the band is going to call their album Slave Vows at least. However, it looks like everything will be moving ahead momentarily, so you should go ahead and at very least put that beer on ice. I’ll let you know the updates as they come. If you missed last week’s video for “King Baby,” you can catch that below.

King Baby (live in London) – the Icarus Line

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