Queens of the Stone Age Premiere “Keep Your Eyes Peeled”, Share “Kalopsia” Clip

For fuck’s sakes dudes, just release the album already! This whole “one track at a time” thing is really killing me. With these 2 new songs, that makes 6 songs that have leaked, which is more than half the album. As if this album wasn’t a cock tease when it was 6 years in the making! Anyways, if you couldn’t pick up on it from the fanboy rant above (or the headline for that sake), 2 new tunes from the new Queens of the Stone Age album, …Like Clockwork; the opening track, “Keep Your Eyes Peeled.” It’s a sinister number, with a slow chugging guitar riff that eventually gets twisted into knots during a trippy breakdown before straightening out again. Frontman Josh Homme wasn’t kidding when he said this album was inspired by dark times; the band has done more than its share of heavy shit before, but this is the darkest they’ve sounded. Something’s fucked up, but at least the tunes still sound good. You can give that song a listen below.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled – Queens of the Stone Age

Also, the band just shared another clip for the song “Kalopsia.” The song is said to have Nine Inch Nails head honcho Trent Reznor guesting on it. Couldn’t tell you how much he’s on, cause we only get a minute and a half clip. It picks up where the last video left off, so if you dug the gore and weirdness that came with that one, you’ll probably dig this one. As for the song itself, it starts off with a light, dream-like piano line that all goes to shit halfway through. You just get a snippet, but it definitely keeps you hanging on. June 4 still seems so damn far away.

Kalopsia – Queens of the Stone Age

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