SURPRISE: Deerhunter to Open for the Breeders Tonight

I’m going to go ahead and plead the 5th on my knowledge of the Breeders. In fact, the only song I know by them is that “Cannonball” song, and I just found out that song was by them yesterday.

Cannonball – the Breeders

Either way, I’m definitely going to their show at the Cannery Ballroom tonight; the reason being that Bradford Cox has just announced (well, he did yesterday, but I was to caught up in birthday festivities to report shit) that Deerhunter will open for the band tonight. Seeing as how he’s skipped Nashville on his latest tour announcement, this may be one of the few opportunities to see this band for a while.

If you haven’t yet, you need to pick up the band’s latest, Monomania. It’s got its share of groovers and slow songs, all laced with a level of gorgeous noise that is sure to wash over ya. For real, the title track is him singing the undeniably catchy hook “mono-monomania” over and over again for almost 2 straight minutes while the track sounds like its about to crash the entire time and it’s fucking awesome. I’m breaking the cardinal rule of listening to the track right now (you’re not supposed to listen to the band the day you’re going to see them), but fuck it, they announced this on extreme short notice so I get a pass to get ready. If you haven’t experienced Monomania, here’s my favorite tracks from the record below. Stop by the show and buy me a beer.

Back to the Middle – Deerhunter (alright, this one is good but not my favorite, but since no one has uploaded “Leather Jacket II” to the internet yet, it’ll have to do)

Blue Agent – Deerhunter

Monomania – Deerhunter

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