Ultras S/C Debut “1417 Roberts Ave” Video

Picture 35You may have heard of this band before, whether it’s the write up I gave them about a year ago or you might just know the people in the band. The Ultras S/C is made up of ex-Be Your Own Pet frontwoman Jemina Pearl, Jack White’s bitch boy Ben Swank and some dude name Chet Weise. Despite the negative connotations that are associated with the former two, I really tried to give this band a chance. See, despite popular belief, I do like a comeback story a lot or being proven wrong occasionally. However, neither usually happens and this band is beginning to seem like a case of that. While I really did dig the first single they put out, everything I’ve heard since then has been pretty meh. Plus, the one live show I went to before Jemina went full blown preggers was painful. They say you’re only as good as your drummer, but with Swank fucking up a bunch during their set along with some other technical difficulties that weren’t really the band’s fault, I couldn’t stand it. The new tune isn’t bad, but it’s not great; it just isn’t something I’m rushing to get more of, ya know? I’ll wait for more tunes before I nail the final nail in, but words of advice, kids: it better be damn good from here on out. Check out the video on Noisey below.

Watch the video for “1417 Roberts Ave” by Ultras S/C HERE

Here’s the single I liked better too:

3 Responses to “Ultras S/C Debut “1417 Roberts Ave” Video”
  1. jessebeans says:

    it sounds just like be your own pet! haha. but with a less interesting guitar player and a bad drummer. the old BYOP drummer put this guy to shame at drums. i bet he feels silly that a little 23 year old who used to “do” his woman can out drum him like a muthhhhhafuckkaaaaaa, but hey he’s friends with jack white right? that makes his music good….right?

  2. Roman says:

    sounds to me like a band that doesn’t want to be commercialized. wants to have fun. I could party with it. obviously pretty talented. what garage bands exist in nashville tn? personal grudges for pre recession era happenings shouldn’t be applied to opinion replies.

    • Jordan Canio says:

      All of the jive shit they’ve done MUSICALLY has been post-recession (Pearl’s solo album, Swank’s involvement of putting out records via TMR). No personal grudges here.

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