The Icarus Line Release Live In London Part 3

Picture 38Invade TV needs to cut the fucking shit and release this whole damn concert already. It’s bad enough that you dicks made the fans that knew about this wait for almost a year after you guys posted the initial trailer; now you guys have to be cock teases and release it song by song. Who has time for that shit? To make matters worse, it seems like they’re not gonna be releasing anymore of the concert as they instead say to “subscribe for more.” You kidding me? You’re gonna cut out “Junkadelic?” Look, just release the whole concert on Part 4 and all may be forgiven (well, maybe not the Bullet for My Valentine and Bring Me the Horizon videos you guys shot, but seeing how it’s 2013, we can learn to accept). Either way, here’s the Icarus Line tearing through the track “Kingdom” live. These dudes wear their Stooges love on their sleeves as is, but it’s more apparent with this track as they jump head first into the distortion and sonic chaos. Check back here for Part 4 when they post it in a week as well as  their new album Slave Vows.

Kingdom (live in London) – The Icarus Line

And here are parts one and two for those who missed out.

King Baby (live in London) – The Icarus Line

We Sick (live in London) – The Icarus Line

And if you want a more complete concert experience (sans being “proshot”), check out this decent live video someone who goes by J. Decorse put online. Not the complete concert, but at least you don’t have to wait for a new clip week after week.

Live In the UK 2012 – The Icarus Line

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