Ty Segall Prepares New LP, “Sleeper,” Release Video for Fuzz

Picture 36How could you not know this was coming? Despite the supposed drop in rate of productivity (and the year’s not over, so we can’t confirm this for sure yet), it was obvious that it was about time Ty to drop some new information on his next album. It looks like today (or 2 days ago for that matter) was the day, because Ty just dropped a teaser for his new album, Sleeper, due out on August 20th.

The commercial itself is pretty funny, considering that it seems that he has a sense of humor on his productive schedule. Besides, everyone knows this dude doesn’t sleep. If he was passed out like he is in this clip, I’d assume homeboy had a heart attack or some shit from the apparent hyperactivity he suffers.

Also, I forgot to mention this a while back, but his other other band Fuzz dropped a pretty cool music video a while ago. The barely 5 minute song gets a 7 minute video treatment. It’s pretty sweet and worth your time. Give it a watch below. No tour dates yet, but c’mon, it’s like asking if the sky is blue, if the Pope helps cover up little boys getting sexually abused, or if Courtney Love really is doing drugs again: you know the answer is yes, it’s gonna happen. Sit tight til then.

Fuzz’s Fourth Dream – Fuzz

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