Kanye West on SNL, Releases “Yeezus” June 18th

Picture 6Everybody’s probably already seen this, but I’m writing about it cause I wanna  comment on it. Last Saturday, SNL had it’s season finale and Kanye West was the musical guest. Kanye’s got to be one of the top polarizing celebrities/musicians to come around in the past decade; people either love him or wish him dead. Personally, I think he’s pretty cool. Yeah, he’s arrogant as fuck, but I don’t really care. So is Noel Gallagher, Bob Dylan, Lou Reed and so on, but when it comes to music, they more than prove themselves, don’t they? Now, I’m not trying to say that Yeezy is in the same category talent-wise as any of those guys at all; I’m just trying to point out that arrogance can be excused every once in a while. Besides, I never really cared about the whole “but-he-interrupts-everyone-on-stage” deal everyone’s always crying about. Some of those instances are actually pretty funny (like the Taylor Swift one or the one where he calls out Bush), but even the annoying ones don’t really phase me cause I don’t really give a shit about bands like Justice. Either way, the thing that sold me on Kanye was his last album My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy. It was a comeback album in a lot of ways. He went from delivering a shitty album (808’s and Heartbreaks) and being despised at such a high level that President Obama even called him “a jackass,” to showing everyone up with a great fucking album. Hell, that album was so good, it made both Nicki Minaj and Bon Iver sound decent. That in itself is an audio miracle.

Anyways, while I didn’t dig that last album he did with Jay-Z at all, I became interested again when I heard he had a sick marketing campaign for the new album. The idea of projecting videos randomly around the world to debut a new song is very cool. Also, the fact that he is going to call the album Yeezus is fucking hilarious. With that in mind, I had to see what the new songs sounded like last Saturday. When the dogs started parking at the beginning, I didn’t see anything like that coming and was even more thrown off when Kanye started screaming in between takes. The songs themselves are a lot darker than his other stuff and I’m digging the live drummer thing. How bummed/creeped out do you think the people who were expecting to see him rip through something like “Stronger” were?

Yeezus is out June 18th and I can’t wait to see what else Yeezy has up his sleeve. Check out the performances below as well as one of the videos of the projections.

Black Skinhead – Kanye West

New Slaves – Kanye West

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