Promised Land Play “Money Man” for All Saints Nashville Profile

Picture 9I guess the latest buzz about Nashville has come in the form of the short film, “New Music City.” The film is produced by some clothing company called All Saints. It debuted today via the world wide web and you can watch it below.

New Music City

My take? While it’s cool to see Nashville and some of my friends in a video, it really sucks off Kings of Leon as the saviors of Nashville. Plus, aside from Turbo Fruits and the Features (I’ll reserve judgement on them because I actually haven’t heard them yet), most of the bands featured suck. The Weeks? For fucking real? Even the drummer of KoL calls those dudes their long lost inbred brothers (he may have left out the inbred part, but we can infer that part, right?).

But all of that aside, out of all this, we get a pretty cool video of Promised Land. The band performs a track called “Money Man” at SXSW this past year. The band is one of four featured on the video playlist. However, the quality is not hard to decipher. Out of all those featured bands on said playlist that try to sound southern (The Kingston Springs, the Weeks, etc.), Promised Land is the only one that sounds authentic about it.

The band is going to release their debut 7″ Stoned Eagle via Jeffery Drag Records this year along with a new 10″. However, before they do all of that, they’re undergoing a name change for legal reasons. Sucks, but we’ll see what happens. Check out the video and along with a couple of other tunes below.

One Response to “Promised Land Play “Money Man” for All Saints Nashville Profile”
  1. BWHAHAHAHA this is bullshit. Be your own pet started all the nashville fame. we hated them until we realized they are the reason all this exist now. KOL get the fuck outta here, you can buy good video production but you can’t buy “WE STARTED THIS SCENE” that isn’t a purchasable item, one of the main people who created this scene is dead, and the other “curators” are called THE ORRALL FAMILY. NEW HERE? fuck off KOL.

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