Queens of the Stone Age To Stream Entire Concert Live Tomorrow on NPR

I tried to cut back on posts about this band cause even I feel like I’m nerding out on this shit. I can’t really help it though. Queens of the Stone Age was one of the first bands to show me what proper rock ‘n’ roll really was. Their long-awaited return is pretty much like Christmas for me then. Hell, it became better than Christmas when I got the new album just a few days ago. It’s no secret that bias always affects the first listen; it can make the album sound better than it actually is or completely disappointing if it doesn’t live up to the already high standards it faces. However, as a true rock ‘n’ roll band, Queens of the Stone Age doesn’t give a fuck about your standards. As a result, they made a dark record about the dark time the band went through. They’ve still got the riffs to back themselves up, but it’s more intimate than expected. If I had to relate it to their other work, I’d say it’s like a mash-up of their first record and Lullabies to Paralyze along with hints of Era Vulgaris. Make sense? Well, watch the short animated film they commissioned Boneface to make for the album. It’s got most of the tracks on there but leaves out two of the best (“The Vampyre of Time and Memory” and “Smooth Sailing”) to be exact.

The band is going to be playing a sold out show in Los Angeles tomorrow, in which they will play the entire album straight through plus a couple of other songs. To make it even cooler, they’re partnering with NPR to stream the entire concert. The video starts at 10 PM central. For more info, go HERE. And go ahead and pre-order/listen to this album. It’s good for you, kids.

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