David Lynch Returns to Music

Visionary film director David Lynch is known for his mastery of presenting the unknown. If you’ve ever watch any of his films or Twin Peaks, you can see why his weirdness has made him into more than just a cult king: it has a certain charm to it. He can easily scare the hell out of you and then make you chuckle in the next 5 minutes, all by playing off your sense/thoughts of “what the hell could possibly happen next?” In Lynch’s world, you never know for sure, and that’s one of the many reasons why he is so good at what he does. He played off this feeling by presenting a short commercial on his website this past weekend, showing only a sign of a man seemingly getting electrocuted by lightening. Some believed that the legendary film maker was finally ready to announce a new film, seeing as how his last feature, Inland Empire, is now 7 years old. A few desperate others believed that he would announce the revival of Twin Peaks. However, in this situation, Lynch did what he does best: the unexpected. He announced a new album, The Big Dream, due out July 16th. As he did so, he released a new song for our listening pleasure, “I’m Waiting Here.”

I’m Waiting Here – David Lynch & Lykke Li

The track features Lykke Li and is a slow, haunting, reverb-drenched number that would fit right in on the soundtrack to Twin Peaks. Lynch is no stranger to making music, having done another album back in 2011 and singing on a few guest tracks here and there. However, I think this is probably the best track I’ve heard from him recently and I can’t wait to hear what else he has up his sleeve. If you haven’t heard anything else by him, check out a few songs from his films below.

Ghost of Love – David Lynch

In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator Song) – David Lynch & Peter Ivers

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